Morning Start: Cows also have accents

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Cooler weather and some rain have been forecasted this week for the Okanagan-Shuswap. Smoke may still be an issue for some parts of the region but for the most part, we’ll be seeing rain clouds instead of smoky patches.

Fun fact: Cows have “regional accents”

Language specialists from the University of London studied cows and they found that cows from different herds have different moos.

The issue first came to their attention after dairy farmers noticed their cows made mooing sounds slightly differently.

It turns out, animals can also have “regional accents” like humans. A similar phenomenon has been observed in birds, where they had different regional twangs.

The different regional moos are affected by where the cows come from and the others they grow up with, much like how our own accents can be affected by our family and friends.

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In case you missed it: Kelowna RCMP still investigating man’s racist tirade at vaccine clinic

The Kelowna RCMP officer in charge Supt. Kara Triance announced the investigation continues into a racist incident that happened earlier this summer.

On July 13, well-known Kelowna protester Bruce Orydzuk was caught on camera yelling at and berating a security worker at a vaccination clinic held at Trinity Baptist Church.

The incident was widely circulated on social media platforms. Triance said statements have been obtained for the case and investigators are now looking to build a case for hate crime.

“That threshold is extremely high… so what we’re doing here is making sure we have all the evidence we can gather in this and putting forth the best case possible.”

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I don’t think this cat appreciated the disturbance…


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