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On anniversary of convoy, ‘Freedom Fighter’ supports Drag Story Time at Kelowna rally

Robin Boostrom said that freedom means both vaccine choice and gender autonomy
Reporter Jacqueline Gelineau interviewing Feedom Fighter and LGBTQIA+ ally Robin Boostrom. (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

On the one-year anniversary of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, some participants joined forces with supporters of the hotly-contested Drag Story Time at Kelowna’s downtown library.

While some ‘Freedom Fighters’ prepared to head out on a convoy through the Okanagan, Robin Boostrom chose to attend the Jan. 28, Drag Story Time rally to support the queer community’s right to freedom of expression.

“I am here on behalf of the Freedom Convoy to let everybody know that we are not about hate, we are not about stifling who you are, we are about love and acceptance and being exactly who you are in Canada,” said Boostrom.

“That includes vaccine choice as well, and includes gender identity.”

In 2022, Boostrom drove 4,000 km to Ottawa to protest COVID-19 restrictions and mandates with thousands of others who occupied the streets in front of Parliament Hill.

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Supporters told Capital News that they were initially wary of Boostrom, who was wearing his red ‘Freedom Convoy’ jacket.

Boostrom said that the convoy is about love, unity, acceptance and “being who you are.”

Boostrom said that as a gay man who was married to a drag queen for 15 years, he is passionate about Canadians’ freedom of expression.

“I understand the value of being who you are and not being afraid to show that side of you.”

In response to the protestors who were holding signs alleging drag queens and trans people “groom” children, Boostrom said that you can’t change someone’s sexuality.

“I was groomed to be straight, we see how well that worked out.”


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