There will be a special parenting conference Sept. 20 and 21 in Penticton.                                Submitted photo

There will be a special parenting conference Sept. 20 and 21 in Penticton. Submitted photo

Parenting conference to help with challenges

There will be three workshops to help those who care for children Sept. 20 and 21

Too often in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world parents do not get the support they need in raising their children.

To help provide that assistance each year Community for Kids and Success By 6 address some of the critical components of parenting through a special two-day conference.

This year’s event takes place Oct. 20 and 21 at the Penticton Days Inn and Conference Centre.

“For parents of young kids there just seems to be a lot of anxiety out there about parenting, more much so now,” said Patricia Tribe, one of the conference organizers. “Everybody is just so busy and there is just so much information out there and sometimes it’s really hard to siphon through the material to get the good stuff that’s backed up to give parents the support they need.

“Especially when they are bombarded with so much stuff so what we’re trying to do is educate parents so they can make informed choices.”

She added that in the past parenting was much more of a community effort which is now no longer the case.

“Now everybody has their own lives and they’re just so busy,” said Tribe.

The first session Oct. 20 features guest speaker Dr. Beverlie Dietz who will be looking at the importance of outdoor play for children through an interactive session with participants.

“There is a real science benefit behind getting kids to play outside and we want to talk about how parents can support their kids in doing that,” said Tribe.

Topics on Saturday include a presentation by executive director Manisha Willms of the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre.

She will address the issues of self regulation and emotional resiliency in children.

The workshop is designed to equip those who care for children with the knowledge to support kids social, emotional development and ability for children to manage their own behaviour.”

In the afternoon Elad Milman and Gloria Bucil will address the huge issue of keeping a human connection in today’s technological era.

“Research is showing that overuse of technology at some ages can literally rewire your brain and not in a good way,” said Tribe. “We want to give parents, again with the back of science, on what is a good amount of time and at what age and how you can work with your kids around bringing the social connection and not be on the cell phone all the time.”

The cost of the conference is $30 per person, $45 a couple or $15 for the Oct. 20 session only.

Lunch is included on the full day and subsidies are available for registration, in-home child minding and transportation costs upon request.

For more information or to register go to or call 250-496-5511.