Penticton man breaches one day after sentencing

A Penticton man was back in front of the court for breaching probation one day after receiving his sentence.

A Penticton man was back in front of the court for breaching probation one day after receiving an intermittent (weekend) jail sentence for breaching probation.

Shane Douglas Pope, 24, received 35 days of intermittent jail time on April 6, and was in court the morning of April 7 after officers allegedly caught him breaching curfew by failing to answer the door on a curfew check.

“I thought I didn’t have a curfew last night, that’s why I wasn’t home,” said Pope, who also faces a charge of possession of a controlled substance for a small amount of marijuanna that was allegedly found on his person when he was eventually located by officers performing the curfew check.

Pope told the court he didn’t think his curfew and probation order still applied after his sentencing. Pope was also allegedly caught breaching probation on March 16.

The initial charge stems from a low-speed chase that Pope allegedly led officers on around Penticton before being arrested without incident. On Feb. 18 Penticton police were searching for suspects relating the theft of a scooter downtown. During their search they found a pick-up truck, which police believed to be stolen.

Crown alleged police followed the vehicle through a downtown alleyway, where it was travelling at speeds of 70 to 80 km/h. Another police vehicle caught up and both activated emergency lights and the vehicle continued to drive on Highway 97 into the West Bench area and up Westhills Drive. The vehicle continued on to a dirt road through the construction area of the Skaha Hills residential development. The vehicle travelled at speeds between 20 and 60 km/h and was not a danger to the public.

A spike belt was eventually successfully deployed on White Lake Road. The vehicle continued very slowly on Highway 97, where Crown said Pope exited raising his hands and was arrested without incident.

“The vehicle, I’m assuming, was not stolen?” Judge Greg Koturbash said during Pope’s bail hearing on April 7. Crown confirmed there were no charges relating to the theft of a vehicle.

The matter is set for trial in October 6, where Pope only faces charges of flight from a peace officer.

Koturbash denied Pope’s bail, with his next appearance on the matter scheduled for April 13.