Penticton mayor institutes brown bag lunches

If you’re looking for a lunch buddy today, how about Penticton’s new mayor, Garry Litke?

What are you doing for lunch today?

If you’re looking for a lunch buddy, how about Penticton’s new mayor, Garry Litke?  While it’s not quite an invitation to dinner at 24 Sussex Drive, Litke has issued an open invitation for Pentictonites to come share lunch with him twice a month.

Garry Litke opened his first council meeting as mayor with a short and sunny speech. Along with talking about his vision of a bright economic future for the city of Penticton, Litke also committed to increasing transparency at the council level by ensuring committee meetings aren’t needlessly held in camera and bring council workshops, formerly held behind closed doors into the public.

Litke also talked about increasing accessibility, specifically to him, by instituting brown bag lunches with the mayor in council chambers at city hall.

“On Wednesdays’ following council meetings the public will be invited to this room with their bag lunches to share their lunch with the mayor,” said Litke. “The intent will be not for the mayor to speak but only to listen.”

The first of these lunches takes place today, at noon in city hall.