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Penticton rallies for Fort McMurray residents

This Sunday May 8, the gates of LocoLanding Adventure Park will open for the community of Penticton to show their support for Fort McMurray.

This Sunday May 8, the gates of LocoLanding Adventure Park will open for the community of Penticton to show their support for Fort McMurray.

Over 50 per cent of the proceeds from admission will go directly to the RedCross fundraising account. In addition businesses are being asked to do their own fundraising from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, then come to LocoLanding by 5 p.m. with their donated funds and, as a community pool resources to support the evacuees.

“In times like this, we shouldn’t just feel sadness for others. We need to say ‘what can we do as a community’ and then do something. LocoLanding is simply providing the venue for people to rally and show their support,” said Diana Stirling, owner of LocoLanding Adventure Park.

“It is absolutely tragic to see this happening to our Alberta neighbours. We know they take every opportunity to travel to Penticton for their vacations. Now it’s our turn to show support and help out where ever we can just as they have supported our community,” said Barb Haynes, president of the Penticton Hospitality Association.

Stirling and Haynes are asking all businesses in Penticton to do their own fundraiser on Sunday — whether it’s $1 from every pizza sold, 50 cents from a cup of coffee, or collecting donations from shopping patrons — and then come to LocoLanding with their community donation. A grand total will be announced and donated ‘from Penticton.’

“We’d like to see every business in Penticton donate a minimum of $50 from Sunday’s sales. With over 1,000 businesses, wouldn’t that be an amazing show of support?” said Chamber of Commerce president Michael Magnusson.

Businesses should use #pentictoncares to let the community know what they are offering.

“Seeing the devastation in Fort McMurray hits close to our hearts — we have all experienced and witnessed the destruction of fire in our own region. The extent to which Fort Mac is experiencing now is harrowing,” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “I’m proud to see local businesses stepping up to support a community in need.”

The gates will be open at LocoLanding from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the community is invited to enjoy the day. Bring your family and friends and, most importantly, your willingness to support the Fort McMurray evacuees.

For businesses that are unable to attend on Sunday, donations can be left at the front desk of the Penticton Lakeside Hotel. Cheques should be made payable to “Canadian Red Cross, Alberta Fires.”

Andy’s Animal Acres Petting Farm is donating 100 per cent of admission prices from Mom’s on May 8 towards disaster relief in Fort McMurray. Join them on the farm located in Naramata from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to help with the effort.



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