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Penticton RCMP investigating possible murder

One man dead, suspect in custody for Penticton shooting
An RCMP officer carrying tarps walks past the covered body of a shooting victim lying on the ground outside of an apartment building at Creston Avenue and Comox Street. Mark Brett/Western News

Details are still coming in, but Penticton RCMP have cordoned off a house near the South Okanangan Events Centre.

Corporal Don Wrigglesworth said RCMP were called to the residence at 998 Creston Avenue, near Comox Street, at about 10:30 this morning (April 26) for shots being fired at the residence.

“Upon attending, we found one adult male deceased and on suspect was taken into custody,” said Wrigglesworth. “Our serious crimes unit and forensic identification units as well as other units of Penticton RCMP are on scene collecting evidence.”

A resident living nearby said there is always a lot of traffic at the apartment building, with people coming and going. Another man at the scene claimed there were drug traffickers resident in the building.

One of the residents of a downstairs unit was in the shower when he heard the sirens and put on some clothes and went outside with his dog to see what was happening.

“I walked out the door and they (police) were pointing a gun at me, it was an obvious situation. We went past the body and they told me to take my dog down the street,” said one resident. “They walked me right past the body when I came outside, I didn’t see a face or anything, they had the top half covered up all I saw was a hand over the stomach and blood coming out from under the hand.

“There’s speculation (about the dead man’s identity) but I don’t know.”

Another resident said she saw the victim stagger down the stairs and collapse on the ground.

Watch for updates.