Penticton RCMP looking into two groping incidents

Police are asking for any information related to a teen male involved in two groping incidents in a Penticton neighbourhood

Penticton RCMP are investigating two groping incidents that occurred recently in the Wiltse area.

The police are asking for any information to help identify possible suspects in two separate groping incidents, on July 24 and Aug. 24.

The July 29 incident occurred at about 9 a.m., while a woman was walking along Wiltse Boulevard with her baby stroller near Wiltse Elementary School. A young male teen rode up to her on a mountain bike, patted her behind and asked for a kiss. The teen then asked for a high five and proceeded to grope her chest before riding off.

The Aug. 24 incident happened in the evening, at about 8 p.m. In this case, a woman was walking with her son in a stroller at the 2400 block of Wiltse Boulevard when she was passed by a young male who said hello then stopped to tie his shoe.

When the woman passed, the male pulled her from behind and kissed her before running off. The male was described as 15-17 years old and South Asian.

“The Penticton RCMP are very concerned about the similar pattern in the same location of Penticton,” said Staff-Sergeant Kurt Lozinski. “We hope that someone in the neighbourhood can provide us with this young person’s identity in order to stop any further incidents.”

The RCMP advises people to immediately call 911 if another similar incident occurs. Any information that can assist the Penticton RCMP in this investigation can be provided to Corporal Dave Smith at 250-492-4300 or to Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.