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Penticton Votes: Meet mayoral candidate Corey Hounslow

Candidates answered questions on the bike lane, crime and housing

The following is part of Penticton Western News coverage of the 2022 municipal election.

Mayoral candidates were asked to provide a short bio about themselves, and then respond to three questions concerning key issues for Penticton residents and voters.

The questions were the following:

1. What are your solutions to housing supply and affordability in Penticton?

2. What are tangible things the city can do to improve public safety?

3. Are you satisfied with how the bike lane was implemented and would you support expanding the bike lane network?

Every candidate was given the same limitations in the size of their bio and responses, as well as the timeline in which to provide them. Candidates were allowed to decide how they wished to distribute their words. Here are the answers from mayoral candidate Corey Hounslow:

I have lived and worked here in Penticton for more than three decades, with five kids and five grandkids I will always call this valley home!

When I’m not operating my tattoo studio, Valley Ink Tattoos, you’ll find me restoring classic cars with my son, designing and fabricating projects in the workshop, and roller skating with my family at every possible opportunity.

Tackling the issues at hand won’t be easy, but we need to come together as a community before anything can progress.

Feeling safe in your own community is something everyone should be able to enjoy.

1. With the current housing crisis we are going to have to look at things like micro-home villages and possibly co-op living space arrangements. Partnerships with community groups and contractors are also something we need to investigate.

2. The abysmal crime issue we find ourselves in is not going to change without help from the province. As a community, we need to become more involved with what’s going on in our own neighbourhood. Block Watch groups can be formed, observing and reporting crime as opposed to looking the other way.

3. As a downtown business I would personally have to say the bike lane is a fiasco!

Poorly planned, poorly executed, overall a giant waste of taxpayers’ money without a referendum to let the people decide whether we wanted or needed it. That money could have gone towards actual issues like housing….