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PHOTOS: South Okanagan wildlife embrace winter’s chill

Local photographers capture stunning pics of South Okanagan wildlife enjoying winter

In the South Okanagan we are blessed with a plethora of wildlife from mountain goats and bighorn sheep to otters, swans and owls of all kinds.

Luckily, we also have an amazing pool of talented photographers capturing pictures of these gorgeous creatures in their element as they embrace winter’s chill.

Lois Carson Dickinson captured the majestic mountain goat in its element on Winter Solstice in South Okanagan.

Wildlife photographer Barry Scully has a frozen finger from snapping so many fantastic pictures of our local wildlife in their element.

“A cold and windy Boxing Day but it was worth putting on the cold weather gear for a nice view of a Great Horned Owl, Northern Harrier hunting, and a river otter on the ice. All shots taken between Oliver and Osoyoos. That wind just about froze my finger to the shutter button,” said avid wildlife photographer Barry Scully on Facebook.

Danny Coyne spent the last day of 2021 capturing the sun setting on a graceful swan.

“Snapped this swan pic just as the sun was setting in Osoyoos near Road 22 on New Year’s Eve. I loved how the golden light reflected off the swan’s white feathers. What a beautiful day to end 2021,” said Coyne.

As we start 2022 under harsh winter conditions and with COVID-19 still among us, take solace in the beauty nature constantly provides us and for the unfettered access we have to this wonderment in South Okanagan.

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