Police recommend measures to deter thieves

Police recommend measures to deter thieves

Mailbox in Summerland has been broken into recently

Police are urging Summerland residents to take measures to deter thieves during the holiday shopping and gift-giving season.

Earlier this month, one mailbox in the community was broken into.

Cpl. Chris Richardson of the Summerland RCMP detachment urges residents to check their mail daily, to reduce the risk of mail theft.

At this time of year, he said gifts, cheques and cash are sent through the mail.

In addition, bills and other documents sent by mail may have personal details which could allow for identity theft.

Richardson also urges residents to lock their vehicles and put any valuables and packages in the trunk, out of sight.

“It’s the shopping season for criminals,” he said. “The less you have for them to see the better it is.”