VIDEO: Chalk full of colourful fun at Penticton fundraiser

Wildstone’s Colours 4 Kids reported over $10,500 was raised during Sunday’s third annual event.

Colours explode as the hundreds of participants leave the start line in a blaze of glory.

Colours explode as the hundreds of participants leave the start line in a blaze of glory.

Now that the dust has settled, organizers of Wildstone’s Colours 4 Kids report over $10,500 was raised during Sunday’s third annual event.

Just over 500 people showed up at LocoLanding for the rainbow run in memory of Bronwyn Lovett who died in 2012 at age 18 from a mitochondrial disease.

Bronwyn’s younger sister Sinclaire started the event in 2013 and fittingly this year it was the girls’ father Lorne Lovett on his balloon-adorned bicycle who led the parade of chalky participants.

“It has been an amazing success. I’m so glad that Bronwyn is being remembered in such a positive and colourful way,” said Sinclaire afterwards. “I am ecstatic with the amount raised and I am so happy and that all of the proceeds went to OSNS (Child and Youth Development Centre) because they’re so deserving of it. They helped Bronwyn and our family so much.”

Because Sinclaire was attending university in Victoria and did not have as much time to do the organizing this year, Wildstone Group of Companies, LocoLanding and number of other businesses stepped up to help out.

For Wildstone president Mark Melissen, who took part in last year’s event with his family, the decision to get involved was an easy one.

“The start line was probably five deep and seeing the smiles and how much fun people were having I mean that’s huge in itself and when you add the story behind it, that Sinclaire started it for her sister Bronwyn and the money is going to a great charity, I mean everything just aligns, it’s just awesome,” said Melissen. “The whole thing felt like it came full circle, it was also a way of making sure Sinclaire’s sister’s memory and the event she started in her sister’s memory still happens and happens in the same manner she wanted it to and that was really special.”

He added the amount raised and the number of participants were well above expectations.

“It was just excellent all the way around and we couldn’t be happier,” said Melissen. “We wanted to get behind an event in the community that was something people could do with their families, that was important to us.”

Manisha Willms, OSNS centre executive director was also amazed at the support and agreed with Melissen’s observation.

“It’s true we often talk about how life is a circle and many of our staff still remember Bronwyn. What a beautiful circle of caring that Sinclaire’s love for her sister has come back to help other children who face similar challenges. I think that is a beautiful thing,” said Willms.