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VIDEO: Mini tornado caught on camera in Summerland

The dust funnel stretched way in the air at the bottom of Giant’s Head mountain

Dwain Connolley and his girlfriend were coming down Giant’s Head Mountain in Summerland when they saw what looked like a small twister on Sunday, April 3.

As the couple got closer to the bottom, the wind funnel became much more pronounced, said Connolley.

He decided to take out his phone and film the unusual sight.

“A little bit of wind at the bottom of Giant’s Head greeted us on our return trip from the top on Sunday afternoon,” posted Connolley to Facebook.

Towering 500 metres above Okanagan Lake, Giant’s Head is a dormant volcano and a difficult-steep hike.

It’s a very popular hiking spot.

And for all the people wanting to get back hiking up Giant’s Head, it’s finally free of ice, confirms Connolley who reached the top on Sunday.

“Other than a little bit of mud it is nice and clear,” he confirmed. You may see a twister too while you are there.

Mini tornadoes or dust funnels are somewhat common in Summerland but not one of this size.

This winter, several people with a view of Okanagan Lake witnessed storm devils, which are tornadoes over the lake.

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