Three Mile Beach

Three Mile Beach

Woman arrested at Three Mile Beach filing complaints

The woman arrested at Three Mile Beach on Canada is filing complaints with the City of Penticton and the Crown.

The woman arrested at Three Mile Beach is filing formal complaints against the City of Penticton and the Crown.

Jacqueline Wachell was arrested on July 1 when RCMP attended Three Mile Beach on a complaint of public nudity.

According to court documents, no formal charges have been laid against Wachell.

She said the City of Penticton, the Crown and “anyone and everyone involved” in her arrest will be part of her complaint, and that it will address events that occurred at Three Mile Beach last year, as well as her July 1 arrest.

“From what I see, this was a political arrest. I did nothing wrong, I did nothing illegal, I did not obstruct the officer,” Wachell said. “I fought them all day yesterday (July 28). No charges were ever laid on me.”

Wachell said she has retained legal counsel, though did not identify whom. She believes the arrest to be illegal and unlawful and that the official word she received on the charges is that “they are returning them to the officer for reinvestigation.”

The police have been left stuck between a city council decision to leave the beach, which naturists claim has been a nude beach for decades, at the status quo, and property owners near the beach like Cary Pinkowski who has launched a civil lawsuit against Wachell and five other defendants.

“I do think that some determination needs to be made for this area.There are Supreme Court decisions that will be taken into consideration as Crown looks at this matter,” Staff Sgt. Kurt Lozinski previously told the Western News. “Everybody needs a definitive answer on the direction that needs to be taken. On all parties. Whether it’s the City, it’s police, it’s Crown, it’s the naturists or the homeowners in the area.”