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Public Notice: Warehouse Lien Act

Warehouse Lien Act

Warehouse Lien Act

Christopher Wirick is indebted to Penticton Towing Ltd. for storage & towing on a 2017 Toyota Tacoma VIN:5TFDZ5BN6HX018082 a lien is claimed under the Act. There is presently an amount due and owing of $9300.00 plus any additional costs of storage, seizure and sale that may accrue.

Notice is hereby given that on the 20th day of May 2023 or thereafter, the said vehicle will be sold. The Vehicle is currently stored at Penticton Towing Ltd, BC V2A 3H4. The Vehicle was placed in storage on November 15th, 2022. All sealed bids must be sent to Penticton towing via mail.

For more info call Penticton Towing LTD at 250-493-1991

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