A frightening vision

Dave Curson’s “Vision of a new Canadian reality” is as hellish as it is hilarious. Is he a Hitlerian or a Monty Python? Lawyers and accountants will be encouraged. But those who laugh are whistling their way passed the graveyard — especially with a federal election in the wind.

Still, “CanadArms International” has been up and running for years in all but name. The military, the RCMP? It’s all for profit, already. There‘s never been a war that didn‘t make the bankers rich. Likewise with the legal system. (The new DUI legislation collected nearly a million dollars during February, alone.) In corporate America, if it isn’t profitable, it’s nothing.

Our own fair city is a corporation, above and beyond its geography. B.C. is a corporation. Canada Inc., too, is listed at Dunn & Bradstreet, with offices in Washington, D.C. It’s a done deal. The portfolio managers are doing fine. It’s ironic without being humorous.

“. . . A country that becomes a company,” always becomes a fascist state. Mussolini said it might be called “Corporatism”. Same thing. Notice how fascism has had a bad name, until just recently. And at this rate, slavery will be repackaged as stylish and hep; plunder as good for the economy. Such are the roots to which we return?

The Council of Canadian CEOs would applaud this ghoulish vision. As with their security and prosperity partnership, big business grows with less regulation, and it flourishes with greater effect on public policy. Social welfare, health care and environmental protection? A waste? Many in the Harper government seem to agree that these are the “Useless eaters,” as dubbed by Ted Turner of CNN fame. Is it cruel? It’s certainly not funny. In the future, you’ll need a strong stomach.

Geoff Burton