A higher standard of giving

The practice of tithing is something that is often misunderstood

Tithing is a false teaching that preachers have used to manipulate the word to find ways to draw more finances to accomplish their ambitions and goals. They mislead people, who often never to take the time to learn for themselves, of what the Bible really teaches. It is the most abused teaching and the stories of those that have fallen into ruin being faithful to the “tithe” are often never heard. In fact, I have talked to several who would testify to having an opposite experience to what the preacher promises. Yet no one has ever gone in front of the church and spoken.

There are many in financial difficulty to which a pastor will attribute it to not tithing. The funny thing is many of them are. If something goes wrong, it’s always the person and never the teaching. Those who are Christians and know what Malachi says will know that it’s pretty straightforward. Do this and I will do this, test me on it. Preachers also ignore all the other Old Testament teachings on tithing, for if they taught in-depth it would reveal the truth.

Tithe was always of the land and never of money. In the New Testament, Christians were called to a higher standard of giving and being generous. To be accountable and not just throw it into the offering plate and trust the preacher to do the “right” thing with it. We are to help our immediate family, church family and others outside the church. When opportunity presents itself to tip, then tip generously. When giving to any organization that helps others, give generously. It was never just give generously to the church.

Some time ago, the City of Penticton wanted to tax charitable organizations. I wish they had, only the churches though. Then the pastors would have to live by the faith they have no problem preaching to others. If what they say about tithing is true, then there would be no worries about how much they were taxed. After all, as long as you tithe, God will provide, right?

The contradictions are like a whisper, but they are there. Those that listen can hear it loud and clear. There is so much more, but for now this was on my heart. It has been sad to hear the many stories, and so here I stand. If the church won’t listen behind closed doors then open them. To Christians I ask, is it time for change? What are your thoughts and stories on this?

David Mercier