A senior’s recollection

More than half a century ago our radios brought us a program called “The Troubles of Henry Aldridge.” Week after week, according to the comedy, the youth found himself in some trouble, a “pickle” difficulty, or a problem of some sort.

Day after day the newscasts with Peter Mansbridge inform us of some deficiency, omission, failure, malefaction or violation ascribed to Stephen Harper. Are all these real or imaginary, accurate or exaggerated? Some will probably bemoan the situation; others, gloat over it.

Will reporters be able to cover all of the above prior to the battle of the ballots, the federal election on May 2, 2011?

Fellow Canadian voters, let us be informed and get ready to vote as the Lord guides us.

But in the meantime may we pause, relax and listen to the immortal message and exquisite Easter hymns, eg. “I know that My Redeemer Lives.” Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.

Leander Arndt