Acts of vandalism leave innocent victims

Vandals cause more than $1,000 damage to Peaches Daycare in Penticton

This is an open letter to the person(s) and or thugs who decided for whatever reason to destroy and steal property as well lay havoc at Peaches Daycare located on Carmi Avenue the night of July 9.

Upon dropping our young son off on Tuesday morning for his regular attendance, we were met with mass destruction.

As a parent of a child who attends daily and who supports this great day care, this was clearly shocking and so sad for all of the 38 children who attend as well as the eight wonderful ladies who put everything they have into this program.

This heartless and cowardly act is as disgraceful as it gets. It’s in essence stealing from the children who range from newborn to six years old.

This day care is run by a not-for-profit society who, like most everyone else these days, are met with the continual crunch for dollars to make the program run as best as it possibly can.

This latest setback from the destruction of the chain-link front entrance gate, to the theft and or repair of toys will cost Peaches in excess of $1,000.

In closing, if you or someone you know have any good used outside play toys for donation, I’m quite sure the kids would love and get much usage out of them.

The children at this day care did nothing wrong yet will pay the consequence for a few persons’ lack of judgment and lack of care for others’ property.

Do you as parents know what your young teenagers are doing once dark hits the streets of Penticton?

Kyle & Sylvia Sunderman