An appetite for change

Penticton letter writer writes about climate change-induced drought.

The Canadian Press recently had an article on Bill Bennett’s rant and obvious offence to Surrey New Democrat Jagrup Brar statements regarding Cuba.

“No child goes to bed hungry” is one part that Mr. Bennett should take personal offence to.

Bill has served as minister of energy, and that ministry is responsible for the ethanol laws mandating a five per cent ethanol mixture in gasoline.

With the climate change-induced drought in the corn belt and the B.C. legislated ethanol use of food stock, children are going to go to bed hungry all over the planet.

The United Nations and the World Bank corroborate this fact on Aug. 9: Reuters — Global pressure on the United States to relax its ethanol quota mounted on Thursday as the top World Bank food official said an “immediate, temporary suspension” of the mandate could help head off another world food crisis.

Bill, Bill he’s our man, if he can’t starve children, no one can.

Dennis Baker