Bill guts staffing levels

Omnibus bill makes it impossible for proper risk assessment on proposed Enbridge pipeline.

With the passing of the Omnibus bill, we are already seeing measures taken to make it impossible for scientists to properly carry out their studies in regards to assessment of proposed risks and dangers of the proposed Enbridge pipeline.

Fisheries and Oceans will apparently have less than half the staff it did 10 years ago, as 92 staff have been told their jobs have been cut. All but five of the Fisheries field offices in B.C. are being closed.

Offices in crucial locations such as Prince George and Smithers are the first to be closed, thereby eliminating the possibility for scientists to bring any evidence of the dangers of building the Enbridge pipeline. Apparently, the deadline has been moved up to Dec. 31, 2013, making it more difficult for any studies to be completed, especially with even fewer scientists.

Harper will stop at nothing in order to push this pipeline through. Without a refinery in northern B.C., most jobs will be offshore, with few benefits for Canadians.

What other secrets will yet unfold from the Omnibus bill? How many federal and provincial park wardens are left to monitor our precious parks and all that we have for our enjoyment living in this our Canada?

Irene MacDonald