Business lends a hand

Penticton Husky Station worker helps out a driver in distress

Thank you to the kind man at the Husky station on the corner of Channel Parkway and Fairview Road, who helped me out on a recent Friday afternoon.

While driving down Channel Parkway, a vehicle a few cars in front of me lost two fully inflated rubber rafts. The car in front of me ran over and deflated one and the other one landed in the roadway beside me. I had no choice but to also run over the now partly deflated raft.

The raft appeared to be stuck under my van, but after pulling over and checking, I determined that it had wrapped around my front axel and I could not pull it out by myself.

I drove into the Husky Station and asked for help.

The very nicely dressed man behind the counter came out to the van and helped me extract the raft from around the axel. He then took it away to put in the garbage.

It was a very hot day, I had my 92-year-old aunt and uncle in the van and it was wonderful to have such a cheerful, capable man respond to my request for help.

I’ll be changing service stations and taking my business there, as my way of saying thanks. It’s so nice to find helpful people when we need them.

One more reason why Penticton is “a place to stay forever”.

Wendy Snideman