Canada worth celebrating

I was born and raised in Vancouver. Later on, in my teens, I lived in Toronto for eight years. As I was away from my family, many older women took me under their wing. I’ll never forget their kindness. Later on, still young, I travelled to my antecedent’s home in Norway, for a year; a peaceful and health-conscious nation and lately a trend-setter (curling).

After a year in Norway, I decided to go back to Vancouver and my family. I lived there for seven years, getting married and having a child. We went to New Zealand, living there for one year. This is an agricultural country and their hills looked like golf courses due to sheep grazing (cows and horses don’t make as neat a job). They have the cleanest beaches I have ever seen, and believe me, there are many. We were in two earthquakes so decided to go back to Vancouver.

We came back and finally settled in Okanagan Falls, the first time I had ever lived in a small town. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As the years go by, I am getting “longer in the tooth” so nap time looks pretty good. I can hear a plane overhead and relax knowing it is not carrying bombs or snipers and my family and friends are safe.

Politically I can disagree with my government’s policies with impunity. I will not be beaten, nor abducted, nor go to jail. Geographically, I can go to the ocean, travel to the mountains, drive through the prairies and visit a metropolis like Toronto. So much diversity and spaciousness with friendliness wherever we go.

Where am I? In Canada; to me, the most wonderful country on earth.

Marlene E. White


Okanagan Falls