Candidates should be local

Two of the candidates running for mayor do not reside in Penticton

Once again, the residents of Penticton are being asked to elect non-residents to govern the city.

Two running for mayor do not reside in this city. They do have business interests here but will not have to live with many of the results of their decisions. One running for councillor is a non-resident. The others give Penticton home addresses. Councils have the power to decide many things; among those is the ratio between commercial taxes. Councils also decide the services available to residents, the bylaws, policing, fire suppression, condition of roads and other services and infrastructure.

For electors who wish to learn about those running for council, the city has posted on the web each candidate’s nomination papers. On these applications there is information on: address, assets and liabilities, income from local sources, names of the candidate’s nominees. Sometimes the candidate has included an email address; their phone numbers will be in the book. One way to learn about the candidate’s plans for our future is to call or mail. If no answer is given, well, that is an answer in itself.

Above all, if you are a resident elector, learn as much as you can, you will have to live with their decisions for the next three years and beyond.

Cass Robinson