City oversteps role

Many Pentictonites are following the Chretien disappearance story.  The media has given it much airtime.  The mystery deepens on a daily basis.  There are other incidents that parallel this one in that, they too, were similar in nature, however somewhat different in final outcome.  In situations such as this one, anyone concerned, especially family, is looking for answers and closure.  I sincerely hope that they find both.

There has been support for the search for the missing couple at the local level and from outside the area.  There is co-operation from the search teams and law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border.  So far nothing.

Having said this, I find a situation here in Penticton somewhat confusing.  We are told that the city is spearheading a financial support drive for the Chretiens.  The support is a noble gesture, however, since when did the city get involved in such programs?

There was an incident where another family from Penticton had a critical situation with a loved one in Mexico not long ago.  I didn’t see any action on the city’s part to help that individual get out of Mexico and home or spearhead a fundraising campaign.  The federal government even dragged its feet on that one.

Is this a one-time thing?  If it is, it’s unfair to other Pentictonites that might be going through some difficulty now and in the future.  Is this not setting a precedent in these situations?  True, there is cause for much concern.  However, the city has other duties to perform without taking on special situations.  In my opinion, this campaign should not involve the city in any way.  There are, I’m sure, family members and community members that would be interested in setting up such a campaign.  I don’t feel that this should be a responsibility that the city takes on.

I don’t want people to think that I am uncaring.  I do care and I am concerned.  I hope for the family and relatives sake that there is closure here soon.

Gail Bey