Coalition sabotaging Harper

Did Prime Minister Stephen Harper try to put “serious teeth” into Canadian law? Was this a fiscally responsible move, that would result in elimination of court backlog and country club prisons? Why was this blocked by the coalition?

Did Prime Minister Stephen Harper show fiscal responsibility by trying to eliminate the “megabucks gun boondoggle”? Why was this blocked by the coalition? Misuse of weapons is on the news daily? Should we let Canadians defend their family and home?

Is the coalition-owned mainstream news media encouraging Canadians to become united in common hatred against our prime minister? Did they try to remove him from his democratic position as our prime minister?

The government replies to valid questions/suggestions via e-mail. Do they have difficulty getting honest information to the people through coalition monopoly mainstream media? Why?

The above shows why Canadians are seriously supporting a majority government.

Do Canadians choose democracy, fiscal responsibility and doing things in the best interest of the people? You had better believe it.

Is it true that a certain party considers Canadian taxpayers to be stupid, gullible and easily misled”?

Do some Canadians encourage this by voting for this party?

It is like watching Stephen Harper going upriver to fix the bridge by himself, while the coalition go downriver and pull out the bodies and brag about what a great job they are doing. Harper needs our support … “to help fix the bridge”. Time to focus on a majority for unity, not a minority for division.

Is it true that Trudeau (Liberal) said the following as he implemented bilingualism? “There is no way two ethnic groups in one country can be made equal before the law. And to say it is possible is to sow the seeds of destruction.”

Why would he say this while implementing bilingualism? Was he actually strategizing to destroy Canada?

There can be no justice until those of us who are unaffected by crime become as indignant as those who are.

Judith L. Burns