Column off base

Mark Walker's column about the media only attacking right wing overlooks coverage of Liberal sponsorship scandal

Re Mark Walker’s March 16 column “Media Becoming the Message”: Is this guy for real?

He thinks the nasty mainstream media, looking for “the next Watergate”, have been persecuting the poor innocent right wingers for the past 40 years. Did he miss the coverage of the Liberal sponsorship scandal? He thinks the whole Robocall scandal is a baseless, media-driven smear?

He’s right about one thing, though. The “40 per cent” who love Harper and his thugs are so comatose they really don’t care what their beloved leader gets up to.

I guess Mr. Walker thinks the media should just get down to the business of publishing press releases from his buddy Dan Albas and company. This is the publisher of a newspaper?

Bob Nicholson