Concert strikes a chord

The sound was flawless for the listening audience as Chris Stones never left his post on the sound board

Thanks for the awesome story you put in the paper on the South Okanagan Musicians Unite charity concert at the Shatford Centre on Dec. 14.

It was well attended by all the folks that signed up to play. There were no cancellations, even a couple from the Penticton Pipe Band showed up, and Shannon and partner piped in Mayor Dan Ashton

We had a small crowd but with big hearts as the food donations were not your typical one or two cans but a selection of things that will be appreciated by  those in need.

The sound was flawless for the listening audience as Chris Stones never left his post on the sound board for the eight hours straight through.

The set changes were fast and flawless and a lot of the entertainers were dressed to the nines, the oldest performer was an 81-year-old gal.

The side room had guitar jams and the like that was entertaining as well as colourful as Al and Brett of the Pentictones jammed for hours with strangers that they had just met.

The folks at the Shatford were the best and opened the doors to all our performers and all felt at home. The pot luck went over well as did the drawing of door prizes shared with the artists that attended .

We did not do many 50/50 draws or intended raffles with the public as they seemed to be more interested in the variety show that the evening presented. As well as limited attendance, with so many acts there really wasn’t much time.

There were trophies presented for various acts in the green room for oldest  musician, youngest, farthest travelled, best costume, oldest instrument, etc. The door prizes, provided through the donations from the good folks that sponsored us, were drawn for and distributed amongst the performers present ,which was thoroughly appreciated by the performers. There were embroidered hats, T-shirts, etc. with a treble clef musical design and the word band with SOMU 2012  that were distributed to the 50-plus entertainers that took the stage.

Some of the acts cancelled paying venues to volunteer their time in this one very special cause. Even though the attendance was small, the performers played and sang their hearts out as if they were playing to a packed house. The question asked by many of the performers was: maybe we should do Christmas in July? As the need is always there.

We are deeply moved and indebted to all who volunteered their talents honed over many years to make the event a success even with the small attendance due to this busy time and perhaps treacherous roads. The applause was shared by all and we applaud those who attended in heart, spirit and person that made the night a success and one not to miss should the SOMU group decide to join forces again and show the size of there hearts to the public. We wish to thank all the folks that made this happen and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see you in July!

Gordon Cunningham

South Okanagan Musicians Unite