Confusion clouds issue of Old Age Security

I suggest the Conservative government reassess their priorities before once again fleecing the “lower class”

I am disappointed with MP Dan Albas supporting Prime Minister Harper’s agenda to perhaps reduce and/or delay payment of Old Age Security. Once again, Harper is targeting the less fortunate of our society. Dan Albas states “Going forward (I hate that cliché), there will be no changes to benefits that you receive”. Does that mean current recipients’ indexation would cease? This must be clarified.

Dan Albas is giving us a bunch of smoke and mirrors with his figures. The fact is those earning in excess of $112,000 do not receive OAS — so, as stated, this proposed change solely targets the less fortunate.

He also states “We also lowered the GST rate to ensure there is less tax on your after-tax spending”. Crap. The GST reduction primarily benefited the wealthy — those with more disposable income.

Under Harper, wealthy corporations have seen tax reductions of six per cent (from 21 per cent to 15 per cent).

I suggest the Conservative government reassess their priorities before once again fleecing the “lower class”. Tax corporations at a reasonable 18 per cent and reinstate the seven per cent GST, and we will easily resolve the problems of the less fortunate of our citizens. But the rich will oppose that, and our leaders will cave — such is reality — as long as we allow it.

Or perhaps the current hoo-haw about OAS is just a smoke-screen to divert attention from the also ill-advised formula for disguising future pension plans that relieve employers from making their share of contributions to employee plans, instead of improving the CPP. Time will tell.

I think that Dan Albas better reconsider his stand on these matters. Does he represent Harper, or does he represent his constituents? I’m sure there are many seniors waiting to see his actions, and how he votes on both the OAS matter and the flawed get-tough-on-crime policy. I know I am. I would sooner vote for an independent who stood up for his constituents rather than one who acts as a party puppet. Put the “Honourable” back in the House of Commons.

Patrick MacDonald