Confusion surrounds Okanagan Lake moorage

The day moorage is merely a proposal in the SS Sicamous Inland Marine Museum’s development plan

Recently there has been a considerable amount of incorrect information and misunderstanding around the concept of a simple day moorage at the site of the SS Sicamous Inland Marine Museum.

The day moorage is merely a proposal in the museum’s development plan drafted in 2010. Several options were included to enhance public use and enjoyment of the area. A key component, that has not been even mentioned, is to create a restoration facility in which volunteers, youth and others could be involved in projects such as restoration of the war canoes that have recently been jointly acquired by the Penticton Museum and the SS Sicamous Inland Marine Museum.  As well, we have two vintage life boats plus one from CN Tug #6, a vintage dinghy and a wood and canvas canoe that need restoration if they are to survive.

Included was development of a moorage in the area of the rock groin to provide a staging area for the launch of small craft. It would also enable us to recreate an important part of Penticton’s heritage with war canoe races and other events, perhaps resurrect the Aquatic Days that were integral to the city’s past, display the watercraft which we have restored and host an antique boat show, which was a popular event here a few years ago and was lost for lack of a suitable facility. When not in use for such events, it could be used as a day moorage for people visiting Penticton, which would generate tourist activity beneficial to the city in general and bring in revenue for maintenance and operation of the museum.

In no way, shape or form do we want to see a “commercial marina” with long-term boat moorage, gas bar, etc. on the site.  Nor do we want restaurants or similar facilities. Moving day moorage to the rock groin would also move boats away from the swimming area, which is the present situation.

This is merely a concept, an idea, and not in any way a concrete plan. It would turn an area that is currently under-utilized into something that would benefit all the public and the City of Penticton.

It is our hope that the average citizens of Penticton will take the time to attend the public forum being held Wednesday at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre from noon to 6 p.m. and make their opinion known.

Greg Hollingsworth and Matt Verboeket


SS Sicamous Inland Marine Museum