Council hears residents’ concerns

Council's choice for Penticton waterfront will accommodate all potential users

Someone had to start a rally along with a protest and now we have a decision by Penticton city council to accommodate everyone from walkers to bikers to cruisers in choosing Option 4 and maintaining two-way traffic and angle parking.

It might not be the choice by all but at least we are not in debt for over $7 million with a ridiculous plan to change the face of what many feel is the best beach around.

Coun. Vassilaki compared Okanagan Beach to the ocean beaches and didn’t seem to be very impressed with our lovely Lakeshore Drive. He claims we are fooling ourselves, saying we don’t even come close to the Caribbean, California, Florida, and Europe.

I have seen many beaches in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, and Mr. Vassilaki, it is in my opinion one of the greatest beaches around, on a lake. He really wanted the city to go into debt and borrow the money to do the expensive project. Was this all about the failed marina plan? The lone councillor that wanted the city to go into debt, was pushing for a public boat moorage near the SS Sicamous.

As Judie Sentes said, this option lays the foundation for future enhancements. The majority of councillors realize that funding for Option 1 and 2 is not available at this time and director of operations Mitch Moroziuk feels that the planned Option 4 will last for 30 years. So all in all, even though everyone will not be happy with the choice of Option 4, at least it is in the better interest to accommodate taxpayers and everyone who will continue to enjoy our beach.

I look forward to the removal of the grassy knolls in Lakawanna Park. If the city has parking meters sitting in a warehouse to be installed on Lakeshore Drive, there will be another rally and protest and the media will be called to again save Lakeshore Drive. Thank you council for listening to the taxpayers of Penticton.

Lou Sloboda