Cycling is a choice

Dealing with the increasing number of cars and bicycles on Eastside Road

In response to Rowena Tansley’s letter “Cyclists not the problem,” it was, in my opinion, a typical response.

Firstly, ICBC, according to an article in the Western a few weeks back, stated that they had contributed to safety issues, no mention that they pay to build roadways. This may also surprise you, but I also cycle, but I do not need a lesson on who pays for our roadways. I’ve probably paid for it longer than you’ve been alive.

It is true that the roadways are used for getting goods to market, etc., but until we as the motoring public see bikes loaded with products and goods going to market, in our region, cycling is still, in no particular order of importance, a sport, a hobby and an alternate way of mobility, the latter being in the minority of the mobile masses.

Cycling is your choice of how you want to get around, and as I said earlier, I cycle, but I am not arrogant enough to think a cheque should be sent to me because I choose to do this. I would also suggest that you just suck it up, dig into your pocket and pay for your own tune-up just like the rest of us.

John Wyllie


Okanagan Falls