Deals in short supply

Why is it so hard to find the deals advertised in store flyers

If this sounds like one of those female dog letters, then so be it. (I can’t bring myself to use the word that rhymes with rich.)

According to one of your readers, that’s all these letters pertain to and I resent that. I am sick and tired of receiving flyers from retail and grocery stores announcing incredible prices for sale items, only to arrive at the store (and yes, we’ve been there and done that) to find an empty shelf where our prize sale item should have been, along with an announcement “We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are temporarily out of the item”. Meanwhile you have several disgruntled customers staring blank at the void that should contain the item advertised, at an extreme price, waiting for it to materialize.

Is this a mismanagement of the supplier or a ploy to draw the consumer? In my opinion, this is an underhanded approach to sales marketing. This custom is ongoing in any town or city, not just Penticton. My wife is still in shock as to why I came home the other day, frustrated and my knickers in a knot, and upturned her potted Sweet Williams and kicked the cat — not.

I suppose I should be grateful that this store in particular allowed my relatives and friends to set up home in their fifth wheels and motor homes on their parking lot.

That should be worth some gratitude, eh?

Andy Homan