Drivers being gouged

Gas prices continue to rise, with little reason for the increase

Brace yourself for a huge tsunami wave of letters and emails, with mine riding the crest, in regards to the recent gas hike.

My thoughts are, among with many others, is why are the gas companies inflating the billions of litres of liquid gold that they just took delivery of just 48 hours ago?

Should they not honestly sell the previous shipment at the previous price? You could almost say they are “double dipping” the profits.

The same question is being asked time and time again by the consumers, always falling on deaf ears and never getting a straight answer. (A similar response echoing from City Hall these days.)

Why is it you drive from Penticton at 9:15 a.m. on a Monday with the prices on our pumps holding at $1.28.9 a litre and arrive at Kelowna one hour later to be greeted by their price of $1.24.9 just before the airport?

On our return to Penticton, an hour and 40 minutes later, we are greeted by the welcome signs $1.34.9/litre.

Rumour has it we can look forward to $2/litre gas on the July long weekend. Heaven help the motorhome owners.

Andy Homan