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Entrepreneurs should be encouraged

It is good to see that the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t dead in Penticton

The letter regarding horse carriages and comments stated in the opinion article of the August 2 Penticton Western News have prompted me to make some comments of my own.

Firstly, it is good to see that the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t dead in Penticton, and the person or persons who granted the business license for this horse-drawn carriage, needs to be commended.

Hopefully, more people will develop more businesses and encourage people to enjoy themselves.

Secondly, horses have participated in the growth of this marvelous country of Canada and I believe it is fair to say in the growth of Penticton (in the heat).

I’ve witnessed many horses outside in 31 degree heat without endangering their health, provided they are kept hydrated and well fed.

Thirdly, wheels were invented to make things move easier.

I can recall instances where Baldy and Tom, our two heavy horses, move stone boats loaded with various materials with ease.

Then I wondered if it was possible that the real bone of contention is the additional nano-seconds it takes to move from point A to B.

Or maybe it’s because one doesn’t like to see people enjoying themselves experiencing a leisurely clippity-clop along a very scenic route, or witnessing a child’s bewilderment with the strength of such beautiful animals.

At times I have been accused of having hoof-in-mouth.

I know that I’m not the only one.  As a resident of this fabulous community I will support and encourage people who wish to try to add value to it.

We need to encourage more entrepreneurial spirit.

At times, we’ll make mistakes,  but at least we’ve tried.

Merv Jones