Environment endangered

Environment Minister Peter Kent more concerned with corporate profits than clean air and water

I was disgusted when several weeks ago I was listening to “Daybreak” on CBC and Environment Minister Peter Kent said British Columbians should be concerned that Enbridge had been sued for the damage their pipeline caused to the Kalamazoo River and the surrounding area. Concerned for Enbridge? As though as a British Columbian I should value a multi-billion dollar corporation over clean water, air and land, I was so furious at Peter Kent’s ignorant and offensive remarks that I called “Daybreak” and left my opinion on the talk back line.

So, thank you Cody Young for your intelligent and concerned letter regarding the ineptitude of Enbridge and the un-environment minister that we currently have in office. Would you consider running for the minister of environment position, Cody Young? I’d be willing to help, because I’m pretty sure you’re concerned about the important issues that I as a British Columbian value, like the necessities of life, and not stuffing your wallet with the tailings of money that Enbridge left.

Monica Hoffman