Facilities overlooked

I reference the letter from GG Schramm, who apparently lives in Okanagan Falls. No, we do not have a Safeway.

What we do have is an IGA Marketplace which will provide you with anything that a Safeway might and at a preferred price. In this past week, I have had occasion to check prices between the two stores, and I will continue to shop locally, thus saving the extra gasoline expense, as well.

As for facilities, have you never noticed the rather large appendage to our local elementary school. That is a community centre, with many facilities, including a very large kitchen, for which the Okanagan Falls Women’s Institute has had much of the responsibility. Across the street from the school is a brand new fitness facility for the use of the citizenry, as is the community centre which is the hub of activities for youth as well as seniors.

Furthermore, we do have a regional development office in the mall right next to the Visitors’ Bureau which does an excellent job of promoting Okanagan Falls and its many attributes.

As for regional district offices, they are all located in Penticton, and the director for Area D (covering Okanagan Falls), Mr. Schwarz, can be reached through them.

I do hope this puts some light into the dark corners of your knowledge re Okanagan Falls, Mr. Schramm.

Elizabeth Lynch


Okanagan Falls