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Global crisis looms

Canada's handling of its severing ties with Iran is reminiscent of a scene from a Dirty Harry movie

Canada severs ties with Iran. The way Canada represents this divorce to the public, as a security reason and accusing Iran of being a terrorist regime, reminds me on the movie Dirty Harry. Harry (PM Harper) says to the suicide candidate (Netanyahu), who wants to jump off the tower: “Make my Day.” I do not want to stop you from jumping; all I want is your social security number, because after you jump we will not be able to identify you, because it is impossible to sort out the pieces.

Mr. Harper encourages Netanyahu to jump, by saying Iran is a terrorist regime. By getting the embassy staff out of Iran, Mr. Harper says, I will not get involved when you commit suicide. Israel seems to have made up their mind to attack Iran and Canada gets their employees out of harm’s way, that is the security reason. Some say that this attack will come before the presidential election.

Russia and China made it clear to the UN, the U.S. and Israel: there will be no second Libya. You overstepped the no-fly zone agreement, you murdered Kaddafi and you bombed Libya back to the stone ages. Battle tanks do not fly, so there were no reasons to attack ground troops in Libya.

Mr. Harper will not be able to change Putin’s mind. I think that, if anything, Mr. Putin will change Mr. Harper’s mind, that is, if Mr. Putin reads any of the websites that I read. I happen to know something from the other side of the fence (Syria). Some western countries supported the rebels in Syria right from the start of the rebellion. Yes, some western countries were instrumental in starting the entire mess in Syria, and Russia knows this.

If Mr. Netanyahu fires the first shot, he will be responsible for starting the Third World War. Russia and China have made it clear, that if there is a military intervention in Syria, the entire Middle East will be in flames and even nuclear weapons will be involved.

Therefore, I say, Mr. Netanyahu, please jump. Samson, let us get it over with and destroy your temple, but please do not take a holiday overseas when you give the orders.

Otto Sturhahn