Hospital Staff More than Amazing

Family thanks Penticton Hospital staff for going the extra mile.

This past month my father suffered a heart attack and stroke.

Not long before that, he and my mom were in a roll-over car accident. Needless to say, it has been a trying month not only for them, but for the entire family.  When I heard of the news of my father’s heart attack, I flew out immediately and straight to the hospital.  As soon as I arrived, the nursing staff on the third floor made me feel at ease and comforted both my mom and I that my father was in good hands.

In good hands he sure was. From the moment he entered the emergency room his experience with both nurses and doctors at Penticton Hospital was a positive one. The emergency room is a busy and stressful place, but the staff there did not pass on that stress onto their patients.  They were both kind and efficient.

Then comes the nursing staff in both the ICU and third floor. They went the extra mile for my dad and our entire family.  Their interactions were both very professional and compassionate at the same time. The nurses did not stop. They were in and out of rooms helping, cleaning, comforting and going above and beyond their call of duty. To be a nurse takes a special kind of character-kind, patient, compassionate, and did I say patient?

I hope you don’t have to experience a stay at the hospital in the near future, but if for some reason you do, know that you will be taken care of by amazing people who never stop for a minute to make you better.

Vania Kortmann and Family