Keep city prison-free

Regarding: “Do the good people of Penticton think a prison is going to be a great help to the community”? I am very new person to Penticton and the one reason I moved here was because there was no prison.

I honestly feel that if there were a prison to be built here, prisoners would love it here and some would surely stay after a discharge. Of course, who would not want to stay in a paradise? After all, there are two lakes and loads of festivals, etc. for the prisoners when they are discharged. There would possibly be more stealing, more theft, more break and enters and even maybe child molesting. After all, these prisoners have done different acts of violence, harm, mischief, assault, and whatever else. How do we know what they all have done?

I feel everyone should use caution if these prisoners are to be discharged. There are enough prisons nearby where these criminals could be taken, as has been done in the past and is being done now. It costs the city at least $19,000 a prisoner to be in prison. Also, it would cost Penticton more tax money to support these people. Is this what you want? Penticton is a peaceful little place and is the most beautiful place in B.C. There are enough prisons in B.C. without Penticton wanting or needing one. The city won’t make money, it would be spending money … on the bad man.

It may not do any good to say this but I will anyway: Please, please, please, do not get a prison in Penticton.

Vivian H. Clark