Kitten goes missing

People should make sure cats are not strays before taking them into their homes

On July 20, one of my six-month-old kittens disappeared from the Whitewater MHP, and on Aug. 19, the other identical twin kitten disappeared. They are ginger orange striped.

Did the coyotes get them or do we have humans taking animals they might think are strays? Other people have recently had cats gone missing too. People should make sure cats are not strays before taking them because often they have just gotten out accidentally. They will usually find their way home if allowed to. I know mine would. They are so loved. The sorrow of a missing pet can be as devastating to the owner as a missing or stolen child is to a parent.

The unknown always leaves the wondering, the worry, the grieving. There is hope for a while that somehow you will get them back and they will be safe and well. After a while you cope with the guilt, the despair and the hopelessness, but you never really give up thinking they will be returned. There are plenty of free kittens advertised in the papers.

The SPCA is very expensive and their rules are very restrictive, but this does not give anyone the right to just take something they think is theirs for the taking. We blame the coyotes but we really don’t know for sure. So people, please, if you feel inclined to keep a found animal, try to find the owner first. Anyone who has lost a pet knows what I am going through. Please return my kittens if you have them or know anyone who has recently acquired a kitten of this description.

E. Finch