Letter: Canada loses, we lose

Now that the election is over we have all the media providing their analyses and gloating about how good the (opinion) polls were.

Polls can influence how some people vote. Perhaps they should not be allowed to be publicized during an election, but only used privately by the parties for their strategies.

The media also affect the election by continuously talking about “the progressive parties,” referring to all of the parties other than the Conservatives. The opposite of progressive is regressive. This infers a negative connotation onto the Conservative Party (previously called the Progressive Conservative Party).

There are different connotations to progressive such as getting out of debt; and to regressive such as exorbitant spending into deeper indebtedness. Where do the media get off using influential adjectives when they are supposed to be neutral reporting agencies?

So where does the only prime minister of Canada ever convicted of unethical behaviour have his strength? In the large cities of Ontario and Quebec.

Why? Justin Trudeau has learned “the art of Trump.” This is to say whatever fantasy you want to, over and over again, and many people will come to believe it; and to promise whatever the people in your target base want.

In Quebec, we all know Trudeau undermined the ‘rule of law’ to allow the Quebec company (SNC Lavalin) to break the law and get away with it. His excuse was a fantasy about saving urban jobs. In reality, the jobs would simply go to another Canadian consulting company. In Ontario he was very much feeding the frenzy of banning guns. On the last day of campaigning he was in Toronto having his pep rallies to ban the gun (and all his other promises that won’t happen or he’ll bankrupt the country).

How many Canadians now look upon the U.S. as being in an immoral state because of Trump? Trump is still in his first mandate. How many people in the world will now look upon Canada as being in an immoral state after re-electing a prime minister who has twice been convicted of unethical behaviour? What kind of a state of depravity have the people who voted for his re-election sunk to? Perhaps they thought it was OK because Trudeau did not agree with the convictions. Who does that sound like? (Donald Trump)

What are Trudeau’s achievements that have the largest effect on Canada? Freeland and he fell victim to Trump’s ploy to ruin our chances for enhanced trade with China when Trump was going to have a trade war with China. China did not sign on to the USA sanctions and so broke no law that Canada would have to arrest their citizen for (extradition) and even before that, the plane could have been contacted to go straight to Mexico and not land here. Trump successfully ended existing Canadian trade with China until the U.S. has made its agreement because of the inept Canadian government (diplomat).

Trudeau has played into the U.S. desire to keep our oil landlocked and captive to their market only; by shutting down the Trans Mountain Pipeline until he gets it right. Trudeau allows foreign oil tankers killing whales in the St. Lawrence (and Washington has oil tankers every day) while we have a tanker ban on the west coast (Bill C-48). Our sovereignty has been sold in NAFTA2 by imposing quotas on our trade with other countries and having to report changes in trade agreements with other countries to the U.S. Our country is now fractured and having a unity crisis.

Jerrilynn DeCock


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