Letter: Educate yourself on matters you care about

It is more important today, than ever, to educate yourself.

About the cartoon in the Nov. 18 Western News, a character of Kellie Leitch, though humorous, keep in mind it does not necessarily depict the truth.

Below it, Dale Boyd’s column Living in the “post-truth” era states, “Facts are less influential than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

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With the belief, our TV news stations would keep us informed of world events and political issues; it was not until earlier this year when we joined Twitter, to find that this is not the case.

Watching videos and reading about the atrocities taking place in the UK and all over Europe, we were in disbelief, horrified, and sympathetic and fearful for the people living there. While caring about your grandchildren’s future, it is more important today, than ever, to educate yourself!

If you think, you know someone or something; it is important to search for yourself the undisputable facts. It may be time consuming and very disturbing but as the saying goes, “the truth will set you free.”

Jayne Vasile