LETTER: Human rights abuses

In one generation the majority of the populace will have an Asian background.

Thank you for the Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) article (Western News, Aug. 5, Falun Gong brings protest to Penticton).

In one generation the majority of the populace (B.C.? Canada?) will have an Asian background. It must be somewhat unnerving to have Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion appear to have all but sworn allegiance to communist China.

Chinese fathers residing in communist China are favourite targets when their daughters learn of the human rights abuses there and do not hesitate to speak out.

Hope Chen’s father has been kidnapped, then she was told she might never see him again, and Anastasia Lin (Miss Canada World) has had her father harassed.

In the First World War and Second World War, Chinese men fought for Canada and managed to obtain the right to vote in 1947.

What must their descendants of today think? Is someone listening to all that one says? Should a definite distance be maintained from all possible Falun Dafa members?

No wonder only the students can smile and laugh these days.

Ron Quick