LETTER: Noisy in downtown Penticton

The volume of events downtown are so loud that it is not tolerable.

Last year we really enjoyed going to Gyro Park Sunshine Cabaret to listen to the music.

We have not gone to very many this year as the volume is so loud that it is not tolerable for us.  Even Canada Day the music was so sharp and loud that we left. The volume of the music at the market on many occasions has also been so loud that we can’t even talk to the vendors that are in the same block.

The drums and guitar with the amp at an event recently were ridiculous as was the hip hop thing a couple of weeks ago. Makes the market not enjoyable and makes us avoid the vendors in the block that the music is in. In the case of the hip hop four blocks away and we could still hear it. Wow, makes the market shopping fun. We might be an aged population but we are not all deaf, let’s try and keep it that way shall we?

Gail Dunn