Letter: Not just middle class

Letter: Not just middle class

Why not an advocate for lower income levels?

I see that the Trudeau Liberal government has added a Minister of Middle-Class Prosperity to the newly appointed cabinet. He has been advocating ad nauseam since coming into office about “helping the middle class and those who wish to join it.”

I can’t recall Prime Minister Trudeau ever mentioning or advocating for the lower income group that struggles to support a family on an income level that may be well below the national average. Who is there to advocate for them? Why are they not worthy of a political advocate?

I also find it strange that the “politically correct” Liberal government would refer to people as being in certain class groups. The word class usually denotes worth or value. Referring to income level would be more appropriate as there are many reasons why one may end up in one income group or another. Prime Minister Trudeau did acknowledge in defence of the “blackface incident” that he had a privileged upbringing, but many others were not born to similar circumstances.

Claude Bergman