Letter off target

a heart-shot deer definitely does not die within milliseconds

Although I may agree with some of the content of Wendy Tapping’s letter, she definitely needs some clarification of some facts regarding coyotes and deer.

First of all, a heart-shot deer definitely does not die within milliseconds — the first deer I heart-shot ran over 100 yards and sprayed blood out both sides.  The heart was pulverized but the deer thought it was still alive, a well-placed head shot is hard to beat.

Now secondly these yearling deer are not “babies”, this is not Disneyland.  These yearlings are well on their way to looking after themselves and it is incomprehensible to even think a conservation officer would shoot them.

Now on to coyotes eating toddlers, cats don’t matter as they won’t stay at home and eat too many songbirds anyway.  Your toddler has a much greater chance of being hit on the Parkway then being eaten by a coyote.  There are two recorded cases in North America of a human being killed by a coyote, I’ll take those odds any day.

As for mentioning PETA, I am personally proud to be a card carrying member of the organization know as People Eating Tasty Animals.  Remember it’s hunters who are the true conservationists and we have an army ready to help move these deer once government decides that’s the “right” thing to do.

Ernie Marven