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Letter: Office building should never be what replaces iconic Penticton restaurant

Why does RE/MAX want an office in a neighbourhood of single family homes, asks longtime resident
This a sketch done by an unnamed employee of then Granny Bogner’s restaurant in the 1980s. A proposal is headed to public hearing to discharge a land use contract to make way for the demolition of the iconic home on Eckhartd Ave. W. (Contributed)

This letter is in regards to the Granny Bogner’s Public Notice - Land Use contract discharge at 302 Eckhardt Ave W.

Mayor and City Council,

As the current home owners of 714 Argyle Street and family who has ties and have owned the said property for 75+ years, yes 75. As a bit of a back story of ties to 714 Argyle, my late grandmother’s parents purchased the home in the 1940s for her to then take ownership from her parents, and now more recently (20+ years) my immediate family are owners of said property. So to say we have vested interest of this current council consideration of the land use contract is an understatement.

First and foremost we are not against development as it is inevitable within the city of Penticton and surrounding municipalities. With the most recent townhouse development currently happening just down the road on Argyle Street and the proposal of more townhouses previously, we get it. Having said this, to allow a developer or whomever to construct a three storey commercial development at [Bogner’s] 302 Eckhardt Avenue West in a word is ludicrous.

Having chatted with numerous current and past Penticton residents including former councillors, former mayor to name a few, the conversations always come up with the same conclusion, why there? We would like to understand what the thought process? We are almost certain all on council would love to be neighbours of such a development! Does such a development fit in with the neighbourhood of single family homes? With all of the land space empty within our city zoned for commercial development, we ask again why at this location and not elsewhere? Just because said developer wants, shouldn’t mean it’s slam dunk. As an addition, shame on the said proposed Re/max company who is on board for this change.

And now of the sure to be parking issue that already exists on an already busy street where parking is at a premium at present, never mind with this additional three storey commercial development. With the expansion of town house development(s) on Argyle, as well the daily over flow parking of the Winnipeg Street medical office, this is a nightmare in waiting. With the very busy corner of Argyle and Eckhardt and all of the young children and youth of the community walking to and from schools, arenas, swimming pools, this could soon be front page news for all the wrong reasons. This is a serious issue and most likely fatal accident waiting to happen.

As for the heritage component, that is another story all together. As an owner of any property it is certainly your right to ask for variances, development options and such. We suggest to this council, it is your responsibility to make sure that development makes sense and with the ability to shape this city that appropriately mentions on the city website - ” A place to stay forever!” So in saying this do what makes sense, because clearly this doesn’t make much sense! These long time residents are contemplating moving out of this community.

So in closing, we most definitely are against a said such variance of land use contract, never mind the eventual three storey monster that council has voted in favour of moving along. Another sad day in Penticton when this happens.

Kyle and Sylvia Sunderman


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