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Letter: Senseless vandalism on 40-year-old Penticton tree

The tree is in the walking trail by Preston Avenue
Someone pulled all the bark off this mature tree on the walking trail on Preston Avenue in Penticton. (Cheryl Myers)

Dear editor:

To the person or people who skinned the bark off a beautiful, approximately 40-year-old tree, just off the walking trail by Preston Avenue — how dare you!

Are you the same people who write obscene graffiti around our beautiful city on any flat surface you see fit, as if this is your personal chalkboard to spew obscenities to the world. How nice for locals to have to look at that, never mind visits to our city.

Are you the one’s shouting and screaming up and down Main Street in the middle of the night as though you are a prophet gaining attention from anyone who you wake up? Are you stealing and looting from people who work hard to gain personal belongings only to have them vandalized and stolen?

Back to the tree… Big, beautiful living species who myself and many people I know, take a great joy and pleasure in viewing, walking in nature, and being at peace amongst the trees. It literally pains me to think about what the tree suffered, and for what? How dare you take this away from us.

This has got to stop. When is something going to happen to get a grip on this utter disregard for anyone and anything. It is one thing to mess with all of society in our beautiful little city, but now you are messing with Mother Nature, so may her wrath fall on you. Shame on you.

Cheryl Myers


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