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LETTER: Summerland does not need expensive aquatic centre

Costly pool will not bring people to community
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Dear Editor:

I am getting very upset with proposed plans in Summerland.

The new aquatics center has escalated considerably in cost. Why could they not just replace it with what we currently have?

Summerland is a small little community, and Penticton already has a state-of-the-art aquatics center. I do not think an expensive pool will encourage people to come here.

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This venture seems to be a done deal. Seven people make a decision for the entire population. I honestly feel when council holds a referendum in the fall, the majority of the population will not be happy with $500-plus raise in taxes for what, approximately 30 years?

Parking will be horrendous if there’s a hockey game or curling bonspiel occurring at the same time.

And what is going on with the pier? The costs now being quoted to replace it are astronomical. Why?

Is it really necessary to add all the additional features they’re proposing? People just want a pier they can jump off and have fun.

The pier is a landmark, holding special memories for many people and of course our tourists. Unfortunately, it’s being removed completely this year without a timeline for replacement.

Laurinda Dorn


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